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egyptian silver jewellery

12 pages of Egyptian silver jewellery - silver pendants, bracelets, chokers, earrings and rings, genuinely handcrafted in Egypt. These Egyptian jewellery items are a (one off) NO repeats, and do consider the (weight/amount) of silver you get in each product and; it is FREE DELIVERY saving you even more.

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Silver Bracelet - 4 Points
4 POINTS - Egyptian Solid Silver Bracelet, handcrafted to perfection Size: adjustable 'fits m..
Ex Tax: AU$375.00
Silver Bracelet - Bellia
BELLIA (marbles) - Stylish Egyptian made solid silver bracelet Total silver weight = 23..
Ex Tax: AU$445.00
Silver Bracelet - Carnelian Flower
CARNELIAN FLOWER - Beautifully Handcrafted Egyptian Carnelian Gemstones and Silver Cuff-Bracelet ..
Ex Tax: AU$485.00
Silver Bracelet - Carnelian Row
CARNELIAN ROW SILVER BRACELET Handcrafted Egyptian silver/carnelian gemstones bracelet - an abs..
Ex Tax: AU$565.00
Silver Bracelet - Circles
CIRCLES - Handcrafted sterling silver stylish bracelet - circles of beauty Total silver weig..
Ex Tax: AU$325.00
Silver Bracelet - Elephant
ELEPHANT - Handcrafted Egyptian Silver Bracelet  Delicately Feminine  - Elegantly Sty..
Ex Tax: AU$135.00
Silver Bracelet - Five Onyx
FIVE ONYX - Beautifully handcrafted in Egypt. Onyx Gemstones on Solid Silver Bracelet. Simply ..
Ex Tax: AU$525.00
Silver Bracelet - Fleurs de Giza
FLEURS DE GIZA - Egyptian made solid silver bracelet Total silver weight = 18.2 g FREE DE..
Ex Tax: AU$375.00
Silver Bracelet - Hearts
HEARTS - magnificent silver bracelet - an ideal gift for HER Total silver weight = 19 g..
Ex Tax: AU$359.00
Silver Bracelet - Love Hearts Carnelian
CARNELIAN BRACELET - Handcrafted Silver and Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet with (2) Love Hearts. ..
Ex Tax: AU$425.00
Silver Bracelet - Malachite Trio
MALACHITE TRIO BRACELET - 'Green Magic' Handcrafted Egyptian Silver Bracelet with Malachite inl..
Ex Tax: AU$575.00
Silver Bracelet - Seven Donia
SEVEN DONIA - Handcrafted Egyptian Silver Bracelet - Elaboratly Designed Total silver weight ..
Ex Tax: AU$375.00
Silver Bracelet - SOLD - Mogat-el-Bahr
SOLD MOGAT EL BAHR - (Ocean's Waves) Egyptian Solid Silver Bracelet - For those who simply..
Ex Tax: AU$0.00
Silver Bracelet - Starry Night
STARRY NIGHT Handcrafted To Perfection Solid Egyptian Silver Bracelet (adjustable) Total silv..
Ex Tax: AU$365.00
Silver Bracelet - Talata
TALATA BRACELET - A perfect gift for your loved man. Beautifully handcrafted, thick and solid m..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Silver Bracelet - The Flow
THE FLOW - simplicity and elegance - Egyptian creation silver bracelet Total silver weight 1..
Ex Tax: AU$375.00