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Egyptian Silver Jewellery

12 pages of Egyptian silver jewellery - silver pendants, bracelets, chokers, earrings and rings, genuinely handcrafted and handmade in Egypt. These Egyptian jewellery items are a (one off) NO repeats,
and do consider; it is FREE DELIVERY saving you even more

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Choker - Alb El Nil
ALB EL NIL - (Nile's heart) Egyptian Siver Jewellery - Stylishly handcrafted solid silver penda..
Ex Tax: AU$425.00
Choker - Beetle Scarab
BEETLESCARAB - (KHEPER) Egyptian Silver Jewellery - turquoise scarab/beetle silver pendant/amu..
Ex Tax: AU$195.00
Choker - Cleo's Secret Box
CLEO'S SECRET BOX - Egyptian Silver Jewellery silver 'box pendant' on a solid Bedouin style sil..
Ex Tax: AU$565.00
Choker - Khadra
KHADRA - Egyptian Silver Jewellery Stylishly and beautifully handmade and crafted in Egypt - St..
Ex Tax: AU$539.00
Choker - Love Spear
LOVE SPEAR - Egyptian Silver Jewellery magnificently detailed and handmade silver pendant on a ..
Ex Tax: AU$279.00
Choker - Nile Rainbow
NILE RAINBOW - one (1) of a kind - pièce de résistance. Egyptian Silver - This magnificent..
Ex Tax: AU$579.00
Choker - Sand Dune Flower
SAND DUNE FLOWER Elaborately handcrafted Egyptian Silver pendant This lovely pendant is equall..
Ex Tax: AU$385.00
Choker - Soul mate amulet
SOUL MATE - solid silver amulet & choker Handcrafted to perfection, the pendant comes along..
Ex Tax: AU$565.00
Money Clip - Ankh
ANKH (Key of Life) - 'Crux Ansata' Solid Silver Money Clip - unique and 'one of a kind' ..
Ex Tax: AU$369.00
Money Clip - Cleo
CLEO'S MONEY CLIP - Solid Silver 'Cleopatra' Money Clip - unique and 'one of a kind' This it..
Ex Tax: AU$329.00
Necklace - Silver and Blue Lapis Lazuli Set of 3
Blue Lapis Lazuli and Silver (set of 3) - Feminine Grace and Elegance - Fit for a 'Goddess' Sta..
Ex Tax: AU$669.00
Necklace - Silver and Lapis Lazuli Wonder
SILVER and LAPIS LAZULI WONDER - Silver necklace adorned with 34 lapis lazuli inlay Stunning pi..
Ex Tax: AU$725.00
Necklace - Silver and Sapphire Trail
SILVER and SAPPHIRE TRAIL - Exquisite Beauty Total silver weight = 29.5 g FREE DELIVERY a..
Ex Tax: AU$349.00
Necklace - Silver and Turquoise Set of 4
TURQUOISE and Silver - Set of (4) Make her 'speechless' with this striking Turquoise and Silver..
Ex Tax: AU$989.00
Pendant - Ankh Crown Chakra
THE 'ANKH' Crown Chakra - Inspired by the iconic 'Key of Life', or 'Crux Ansata' - made in Egypt ..
Ex Tax: AU$125.00
Pendant - Blue Eye Amulet
EVIL EYE PROTECTION AMULET - Pendant on a stylish solid silver chain.   Total silver w..
Ex Tax: AU$125.00