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The Vintage and the Rare

9 pages of old, rare and vintage pre-loved European and Egyptian treasures, collectibles and unusual items; 'tomorrow' valuable antiques... and do consider; it is FREE DELIVERY saving you even more.

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A Game at Cards
A GAME AT CARDS - by... David Teniers 'il Giovane' the Younger (15 December 1610 – 25 April 169..
Ex Tax: AU$69.00
Abbey Pewter Tankard England
Abbey Pewter Tankard England - Vintage, English Sheffield Hammered Pewter tankard - Abbey Pew..
Ex Tax: AU$69.00
Abstract - Porcelain Pot
ABSTRACT - vintage quality light porcelain pot, hand-created and hand-painted to perfection ..
Ex Tax: AU$175.00
Ahwa Pot - Brass/Silver
AHWA POT - Traditional Arabian coffee pot A rare, original and authentic hammered brass ..
Ex Tax: AU$125.00
Aladdin's Magic Brass Oil Lamp
ALADDIN's Magic Brass Oil Lamp From Egypt (with... out) the 'GENIE' Truly an original and..
Ex Tax: AU$590.00
Amber Hexagon Jar-Container
AMBER Hexagon Jar-Container - Fine Porcelain The Amber Collection. Fine Bone China, by Amber Ch..
Ex Tax: AU$99.00
Angel - Candle Holder
ANGEL - Candle Holder A delightful decorative Angel candle holder Width = 9 cm Height =..
Ex Tax: AU$49.00
Angel - Flowers
ANGEL OF FLOWERS - A picture is a thousand words A young angel (cherub) holding, crowned a..
Ex Tax: AU$159.00
Angel - Solid Glass Candle Holder
Angel - Solid Clear Glass Candle Holder A delightful decorative solid glass 'taper' Angel ..
Ex Tax: AU$95.00
Angel of Wisdom
ANGEL OF WISDOM - A picture is a thousand words A young angel (cherub) reading a book - An insp..
Ex Tax: AU$285.00
Angels  of Festivity Set 3
Angels of Festivity - (set of 3) Three Angels musicians - A delightful decorative encha..
Ex Tax: AU$49.00
Angels Twins
Angels - Twins A delightful decorative Angels - hand made and hand painted. Width..
Ex Tax: AU$39.00
Annabelle OZ Ceramic Platter
ANNABELLE - 'OZ' Ceramic Platter Handled Platter with Stamped Accent -  Fine China, Westmi..
Ex Tax: AU$129.00
Antique Art 1795 by Francis Wheatley
STRAWBERRYS SCARLET - Plate 9th (Cries of London) by Francis Wheatley, R. A. (1747-1801) Antiqu..
Ex Tax: AU$790.00
Aqua Blue Ribbed Glass Bowl
AQUA BLUE RIBBED GLASS BOWL Vintage mid century aqua-blue ribbed glass bowl - decorative bowl..
Ex Tax: AU$69.00
ARGENTO - VINTAGE ROCKING HORSE Hand painted and artistically decorated - Has the number (..
Ex Tax: AU$165.00
Arnott's Clock Tin
Arnott's Clock Tin - collectible commemorative mantle clock - c 2007 - 480g Arnott’s has b..
Ex Tax: AU$125.00
Art Deco - Small Emerald Green Bowl
Art Deco Small Emerald Green with Gold Tone Bowl Emerald green ornamental bowl with gold tone..
Ex Tax: AU$95.00