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how to be a fatale woman

self esteem, confidence, attitude, style and personal development insight... by 'Joseph'

La Femme Fatale = The Fatal Woman
Femme fatale in French literally means "the fatal woman". For the purpose of this context, 'fatal' is not intended in a dangerous sense, but rather to imply a woman of substance that can be defined as the kind of woman that has confidence, inner beauty, projects an independent style/attitude, is cool, diplomatic, naturally alluring, clever, devilishly playful and yet mysterious, a woman men desire and want to pursue, but would need to work hard to gain her attention, acceptance and secure her love.

Adapt what you think or feel is relevant to you
The intention here, is to empower a woman with confidence, assertiveness, dignity and a high sense of self-esteem and independence, to connect with her goddess inner-powers and to always believe that she is beautiful in her own way, able and capable of achieving wonders and not feel insecure or intimidated in her own skin and to avoid becoming an option in a man’s life, but to always be his priority and main focus point of admiration, love and respect. Beauty may entice, but it is the style that impacts and lasts. Generally, men look at women objectively first, being physically/sexually, and not subjectively, being emotionally/spiritually... this takes time to develop, and the aim is for a woman to reverse this common trend in men, and make them fall in love with whom they are within, not just physically.

How to be a fatale woman, are simply tips on how to project a style/sense of femininity and independence, being connected, but not expecting, clinging or demanding, and to give a partner the challenge to pursue her heart. Being a fatale woman has nothing to do with age, beauty or looks, but rather self-perception, it's an attitude - It is not to change who you are, but to just fine-tune certain attributions of personality/behaviour, way of thinking, hence to symbolically adapt the style and comportment of the fatale woman to make changes.

Galatians 6:7

"For whatever one sow, that will he/she also reap". You must realise that in one way or another, there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad luck, happy or unhappy events or outcomes, but there are situations, circumstances and opportunities that present themselves to you and it is how you deal/handle them that will produce; right or wrong, good or bad, happy or unhappy outcomes. It's simply a question of behaviour and attitude that will either enhance or suppress the success and outcome of any relationship. Be in control, not out of control.

Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does. Don't compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is all about. When things do not unfold your way, do not be annoyed with yourself, for such is life & if everyone thinks or says why me? Why is this happening to me? Then nothing would ever happen to anyone in this life, there will be no challenges, no lessons learnt, no experiences or wisdom gained, no changes, hence no progress and no advancement. These situations do happen to most. The idea is for you to never give up but to get up once more & face another day, another challenge with courage and confidence to achieve success. Handle one thing, one issue or one concern at any one time, deal with it and resolve it, then tackle the next and the next and soon, there will be none. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

Most relationships start with physicality, but then it is up to you to turn it around to your benefit and reverse the physical playfulness progressively into an emotional bond, this comes with time, patience and having the right attitude. Love, connection and togetherness is not a right, but rather a privilege you offer one another, remember most men are in limbo and dread when a woman initially expects commitment or soon after connecting, this comes with time and patience. The trick here is to be connected, active, bubbly and interesting, yet act as if you don't give a damn sort of approach, so you raise some curiosity and challenge for the man to pursue you and become a priority rather than an option, and in time and frequency of connection, you turn that physical focus into emotional bond.

It’s like going fishing, you must wait patiently for the fish to bite, and then the work is not done, for you must slowly and carefully bring it into the net as it could easily slip away, so until the fish is in the frypan, then you have the fish. Don't boil the water if you have no chicken, get the chicken first, then boil the water to make the soup, get the point? Flowers will attract bees and butterflies as long as they produce sweet nectar, hence as long as you have the style, the charm, being cool, being playful, independent, not reacting to issues, not clinging, or expecting, you will then keep the bees and butterflies returning for more again and again. Eventually, in a new or developing relationship, if a man doesn’t make an effort to spend quality time with you, call you, and see you as often as possible, treat you as his priority and not his option, pursue you and reflect/express an emotional interest not simply by words but by his actions; then it is equal to saying that he doesn’t know you subjectively (emotionally), or is not that keen or interested in emotionally (committing) to you at this stage, but could only pursue you objectively (physically, sexually or materialistically), hence it won’t last. If a person does however distance himself from you, don't feel bad, it is the answer to your prayer; (lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil).

Doubting/cheating: In a relationship, if you think this way, you’ll then create barriers and will react according to your projected thoughts. This reaction can reflect you are not totally confident in yourself and possibly lack self-esteem and trust. Don’t doubt too much and exaggerate the thoughts to a point of confusion in your mind. No one cheats if happy with his partner. Cheating is equal to one saying; something is missing in the relationship, I am not communicating effectively and conveying my feelings, I am not being positive, I am not expressing or giving enough attention or reassurances, I am taking things for granted, I am not being loving, playful or feminine or caring or passionate enough (physically & emotionally). Denying any of these to a partner could drive them to seek it elsewhere even if there is love. Become his Goddess and act like one.

Whenever facing issues or debates, don’t react, it is wiser to (explain) your point of view calmly, logically and with a soft tone of voice than (express) it aggressively, and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments and maintain harmony in your environment. In doubts, don't accuse, the simple solutions is to always discuss any issues amicably, diplomatically and civilly, and try to agree together before reacting doubtfully and angrily or making any judgement or displaying confronting emotions, for judgement requires proof, and until you have proof, all is honest and true.

Remember; you don't have to win every argument - Calmness speaks louder than anger, diplomacy greater than aggression, tolerance greater than arrogance and if in doubt, leave it out. By being cool, tactful and diplomatic, makes 'you' the greater person.

Tact, is the 'ability' to tell someone to go to hell in 'such a way', that they look forward to the trip. (Winston Churchill).

Luke 6:38
“Foolishness is a farmer looking for fruit, where he didn't plant seeds”. So many are looking for something to believe in, start at ground level first and keep working inward, that's where the answers are. When you realise and accept the fact that all things do at time change and unfold for a reason irrespective of it being (right or wrong) and there is nothing from the past you will hold on to, expect or cling to, then with this realisation, you will sense a feeling of freedom, inner strength and peace, and find that there is nothing you cannot achieve in the future. The Universe will respond and provide solutions one way or another.

Matthew 7: 7-8
"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened. You simply have to start thinking that at the centre of your being, you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. You also have to realise that when nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself and when nobody else compliments you, then you will compliment yourself, because it is not up to 'other people' to keep you encouraged or happy. It’s up to you, for encouragement and happiness should come from within you first. No one is in charge of your happiness but you. Don't audit life, show up and make the most of it now. Get outside everyday, miracles are waiting everywhere.

If you want to be happy, don’t focus on how things are bad, focus on how you can make a change. Progress needs change, change is inevitable if you want to progress, but it is how you deal with the changes that are also very important in order to progress. At the end of the day, it is not the expectations, the challenges and what's in between that counts, it is the outcome that matters. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; take that step and start planting the seeds of your personal success.

"The perception of the mind is stronger than reality". Doubt/fear is not 'real', it's a 'choice', do not choose it, for what you think, you create, what you create you become, what you become you experience, what you experience you project to others (they will sense/feel it). Start to believe you can achieve and remember there is no difference between you and that successful person next door, and it has nothing to do with being an academic, luck, money or opportunity, it has to do with your attitude (you). Just DO your best for 'life is like a stage', and your success will depend on how well you perform, so have the desire to succeed, the passion to achieve and the zeal to pursue your dreams, and you will. "SUCCESS has a thousand fathers, DEFEAT is an orphan".

Never, ever give up
Her first contract with Columbia Pictures expired because they told her she wasn’t pretty or talented enough to be an actress. (Marlyn Manroe). Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model and singer. Famous for playing comic "dumb blonde" characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and was emblematic of the era's attitudes towards sexuality.

Failed in business three times and failed campaigning seven times prior to becoming President of the United States. (Abraham Lincoln). Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

A High School dropout whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. (Eminem) Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Eminem is the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the United States.

His teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything. (Thomas Edison). Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor.

When he first auditioned for the American Negro Theatre, he flubbed his lines and spoke in a heavy Caribbean accent which made the Director angry telling him to stop wasting his time and go get a job as a dishwasher. Actor (Sidney Poitier).
Sir Sidney Poitier, KBE is a Bahamian American actor, film director, author and diplomat. In 1964, Poitier became the first Bahamian and first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor, for his role in (Lilies of the Field).

Rejected by Decca Recording studios, who said “we don’t like their sound, they have no future in show business".
(The Beatles). The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool, England, in 1960. With members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential act of the rock era.

He did not speak until he was four years old. His parents thought he was “sub-normal”. He was expelled from school and his teachers described him as “Mentally slow”. (Albert Einstein). Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist. Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. Einstein's work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.

He was fired by the editor of a newspaper for lacking in ideas. (Walt Disney). American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer.

Twelve publishers rejected her manuscript. One year later, one publisher gave her a chance, but told her to get a day time job, since she had little chance of making money in children’s books. (J.K. Rowling) best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.

At 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. (Steve Jobs). Steven Paul Jobs was an American entrepreneur, business magnate, inventor, and industrial designer. He was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple Inc.; CEO and majority shareholder of Pixar Animation Studios.

His teacher told him that he was a hopeless composer. (Ludwig van Beethoven). Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers.

She was fired from her job as a news anchor because they told her she “wasn’t fit for television”. (Oprah Winfrey). Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.

Sold only one painting “The Red Vineyard” in his life, and the sale was just months before his death. (Vincent van Gogh). Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art.

His mother pulled him out of school as a boy so that he could run the family farm. He failed miserably. (Sir Isaac Newton). Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English mathematician, astronomer, theologian and physicist who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career - I’ve lost almost 300 games - I’ve been trusted 26 times to take the game 'winning shot' and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed. (Michael Jordan). Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player, businessman, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association.

It is impossible to live without failing at something sometimes unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case you fail by default. (J.K. Rowling). Best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.

The moral of the stories above, is that you should never think or feel you are a failure or can't achieve. "Rien n’est impossible, vouloir c’est pouvoir" means "nothing is impossible, if you want, you can". You cannot let a fear of failure, or a fear of comparison, or a fear of judgement stop you from doing what’s going to make you great. You cannot succeed without this risk of failure, you cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism, and you cannot love without the risk of loss. You must go out and you must take these risks. And people will tell you to do what makes you happy, but a lot of this has been hard work and you are not always happy. I don’t think you should do just what makes you happy; I think you should do what makes you GREAT. Do what’s uncomfortable, and scary, and hard, but pays off in the long run. Be willing to fail. Let yourself fail. Fail in the way and the place where you would want to fail. Fail. Pick yourself up and fail again, because without this struggle, what is your success anyway? As best we know we have one life. In it, you have to trust your own voice, your own ideas, your honesty, your vulnerability, and through this you will find your way. You do not have to be fearless, just don’t let fear stop you. Live like this as best you can, and you will look back on a life well lived. Do what makes you GREAT.

Physical attributes
The first point of attraction, is physical attraction, no matter what you think - for 'colours and tastes' differs from one man to another, it is free will and personal 'choice', but it is primarily based on what they see first; being the physical aspect, not necessarily beauty so to speak, but rather (style - appeal), hence should you have any concerns about your physical aspect, in particular weight, then it is simply a matter of doing something about it, this may take some time, but your desire to make changes and accomplish your objective of rebirth and reinventing yourself physically will succeed.

The French Emperor (Napoleon Bonaparte) once said; “impossible” is not in my vocabulary, “If you want, you can” – therefore, unless you have a Medical condition, then seek medical advice, if not, than it could be simply stagnation, lack of circulation, movement, or having an all day sitting job or an eating habit/condition which could be toned-down by altering your food intake habit - for example; by eating smaller portions of alkaline ‘good and healthy food’, lots of greens/fruits/water, rather than heavy portions in one go, avoid fried or greasy foods, excess sweets and soft drinks, and try not eating heavily after 9 pm or before going to sleep. Balance is important.

You can naturally regain a sense of freedom and physical beauty/style by simply maintaining regular (fast) walks, but must truly feel puffed out and return sweating, do this, 4 times a week is sufficient for 20 minutes at a time, being 10 minutes up and 10 minutes back, and have a day break (rest) in between them, as cells need 24 hours to rejuvenate (so don't overdo it); this routine fast walks will strengthen and redefine your muscles tone, give you definitions, invigorate your blood flow, and rejuvenate your skin cells. This in turn, will result in re-shaping your entire frame; lose the appropriate weight, gaining a stylish & feminine silhouette to be reckoned with. Glory is around the corner, be patient yet be regimented and persevere as it takes up to 3 months of endurance to notice changes and reap the benefits.



Acquiring the look

1 - Wear complementing clothes. Pick clothes that are well-cut and draw subtle attention to you in a tasteful way. Opt for darker colours such as black, maroon, or emerald green. Clothes that are flattering are important, too; Pair your look with stylish semi or high heels, this gives your legs some definition.

2 - Wear a signature scent, so you need to find the one that suits you the best. It shouldn’t be anything too fruity or girly, and should give off a seductive scent instead that will make men remember you everywhere you go. There’s no need to overdo it; just a tiny bit of the scent on your neck will make you even more appealing. If you don’t like perfume, you can opt for a bit of scented lotion instead.

3 - Have a great hairstyle. There are a number of hairstyles that can help you get that great look you’re going for. Stick to true, bold hair colours, like platinum blonde, dark brown, black, or auburn. Try not to reveal your entire face. Letting your curls or waves fall over the side of your face can help you keep some of your features shrouded and mysterious.

4 - Just apply the best lipstick that fits your skin tone, consider using some lip liner to emphasize your look, and check those lips every few hours to see if you need to reapply it. This is a signature part of the femme fatale’s look, so you should commit to it, even if you don’t want to wear too much other makeup. Only reapply your lipstick in the bathroom; don’t let people see you doing it in public.

5 - Get the makeup right, wear pale foundation, give yourself a bit of blush for colour, and work on getting that smoky-eyed look. Some dark eye shadow, such as a brown or a gray, on your eyelids, you can use eyeliner to trace the top of your eyelids, and wear black or dark mascara on your top lashes to emphasize those long lashes. Avoid wearing glittery or shimmery makeup.

6 - The right accessories can go a long way. You don’t have to overdo it, but you should find one or two signature items that you’re known for so you can rock the most mysterious look out there, something like; 1940s style sunglasses, black gloves, even a vintage compact for applying lipstick, classic diamond or pearl earrings.

Having the Personality

1 - Be mysterious. Don't let everybody know what you are feeling or what's going on. The very mystery proves to be the allure of the femme fatale. If you have to leave to go to your aunt’s birthday party, don’t say so; just say you have a pressing matter to attend to and lead people to wonder. If you get a text from your mum, don’t tell people who you’re talking to; the more you keep to yourself, the more you’ll leave to the imagination.

2 - Make people work to learn things about you, such as whether or not you have siblings or what you’re studying. If you reveal too much, you won’t be mysterious. Even if you’re having a bad day, don’t put all of your complaints out there. Learn to have an inner strength and a strong will, not letting people think that it’s easy to get under your skin. Keep things mysterious instead of detailing every little thing that went wrong for you today.

3 - Be smart. Being well-educated is something that will set you apart from the flock. Being beautiful with brains adds appeal. Don’t ever be afraid to show off your brains or to let men see that they’re dealing with an interesting, intelligent woman who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Be proud of how hard you work, how much you read, and how well you do in school. Your intelligence will be yet another trait that makes men flock to you. Don’t be afraid to challenge people. State your ideas and back them up with evidence. You’re smart enough to do it. Don’t think that acting like a clueless girly girl will get you very far. Instead, make a point of showing everyone that you know what’s what.

4 - Be elegant but not trashy. Femme fatales are famous for their elegance or their style, but that doesn’t mean they have to put it all out there either, make sure to leave something to the imagination. Femme fatales don’t need to wear extra revealing clothes because their personalities and the way they carry themselves do that work for them. Acting in a way that is appealing, mysterious, and stylish will be what draws the men in. Leaving something to the imagination is part of the mystery that will make men so attracted to you. If you’re wearing a more revealing top, then wear a more conservative skirt with it, and vice versa.

5 - Being a Fatale Woman is not the same as being a Vamp Woman. Often comes to equalising those two kinds of women, but certainly it is not the same. A Vamp woman is cold, demanding and unavailable; this attracts a smaller population of men, which is totally contrary of “femme fatale” who is in some way “available” and does not excite men with fear. Therefore, the “Femme Fatale” is far more fatal and more attractive than the “Vamp woman”.

6 - Always put yourself first. In the words of Katherine Hepburn, “If you always do what interests you, at least one person will be pleased.” If you want to be a true femme fatale, then you can’t let anyone else determine your self-worth or happiness. Work on doing the things you love and pursuing what makes you feel great. Don’t give in to needy friends, overbearing men, or rude bosses. Make it clear that you’re looking out for #1 first, and that everyone else can take a number. Remind yourself that your self-value is what will draw the men to you. Don’t think that worshipping them will do the trick. Though it’s good to care for other people, too, don’t ever stop taking care of yourself because you think someone else is more important.

7 - Be fascinating. Femme fatales are more than just pretty looks. They have charming personalities that are endlessly fascinating. If you want to be a femme fatale, then you have to do your homework. You have to read the papers, be up to date on politics and pop culture, master another language, or just do whatever you can to make yourself an interesting person to talk to. The men will like more about you than just your mystery and your allure, and they’ll be drawn to how fascinating you are, too.

This doesn’t mean you have to talk too much or spout off all the facts you know. It does mean that you can be sharp, quick-witted, and make yourself stand out during a conversation as someone who knows the score. Being fascinating isn’t just about having knowledge; it’s about knowing how to keep a person’s interest, and how to find something exciting to talk about. Every person is different, and you should be aware of what makes a person tick before you start talking.

8 - Have a sense of humour. You don’t need to be dark and serious all the time. You can learn to laugh at yourself and to have a quick wit and the ability to make clever banter to keep a conversation going. Some of the greatest femme fatales are known for their funny and incisive comments, such as Ingrid Bergman’s words, “Happiness is good health and a bad memory” Work on looking at the world through a clever lens, and don’t think that you have to be stone serious to be a femme fatale. In fact, your sense of humour should be one of the things that make you fascinating as a femme fatale. Make the most of it. If a man says something funny to you, don’t just laugh and say, “That’s funny.” Instead, fire back with an equally funny comment.

9 - Be independent. To be a true femme fatale, you have to depend on yourself and yourself only. Don’t spend your time pining away for men who you don’t really care about, or waiting for your friends to call you up so you can have a good time. You have to make your own fun in this world, and you have to be happy being on your own if you want to be a femme fatale. Work to have your own interests, whether it’s singing or belly dancing, and make sure you have plenty of time for personal growth and self-improvement. True femme fatales don’t need anyone else to be happy. You can form meaningful relationships with people, but you should always make time for yourself. Even if you’re dating the man of your dreams, you can’t let yourself get too co-dependent. You have to have your own goals and dreams, and not let anyone get in the way of them. Don’t let a man change your ideas about your career or what you’re capable of.

Walking the Walk

1 - Speak with confidence. Make your voice sound low and attractive, but not creepy. Work on speaking in a softer, lower tone. Don’t mumble, and make sure you articulate your words without sounding too formal. Avoid saying “um” or “uh” a lot and talk with conviction. A femme fatale doesn’t like to repeat herself. Work on sounding like you know what you’re talking about and letting those words out in a cool possible way.

2 - Watch old movies for inspiration. Femme fatales made a name for themselves in the 1940s, so watching some films featuring these ladies can help you get an idea of how to look and act. The classics of the 40s can help you get inspiration, such as movies like Double Indemnity (1944), Naked City (1948) and Kiss of Death (1947). Watch as many as you can and learn. But don’t let these images define you, each femme fatale puts her own spin on her image.

3 - Have a signature drink. Femme Fatales are known for having a signature drink that they order whenever they’re out. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it should be consistent and it should make people impressed by your decisiveness. It can be a glass of merlot, a Dark and Stormy, a whisky on the rocks, or even just a glass of iced tea with a sprig of mint in it. You have to order it with decisiveness and you shouldn’t waste time looking over a drink menu, either. You can avoid overly girly or fruity if you want to be taken seriously. You may also want to avoid drinks that are known for getting people drunk as fast as possible, such as Margaritas.

4 - Be a lady. To be a true femme fatale, you should be a real lady to boot. Treat yourself and the people around you with respect, have dignified manners, and make sure you look pretty self-possessed and put together. A true lady doesn’t get too drunk in public, she doesn’t curse up a blue streak, and she doesn’t reveal too much personal information to someone she’s just met. Just carry yourself with dignity and poise and the rest will follow. To be a true lady, you have to be proper within reason. You don’t have to be all buttoned up and demure, but you shouldn’t push people around, leave your trash everywhere, or burp without excusing yourself, either. Stand tall with good posture. Ladies don’t tend to slouch or sit in an undignified way. Having good posture shows that you have confidence and poise.

5 - Don’t open up too fast. Femme fatales are known for their shrouds of mystery. You can open up to a man little by little, but you should make him work to get to know you. Don’t tell him every little thing there is to know about your childhood, your five favourite foods, or tell him every little detail of your school experience. Instead, reveal the information about yourself little by little, making a man feel like it’s a privilege to get to know you. Take your time. When the opportunity presents itself, you can talk about whatever you like, but don’t put it all out there all at once, or your element of mystery will fade away. Ensure the man is telling you about himself too, you don’t want to be the only one who is opening up.

6 - Don’t let a man determine your value. A femme fatale doesn’t sit at home crying because her man won’t call her back. She doesn’t get down on herself if a careless man makes a condescending comment to her. She doesn’t let anyone tell her who she is. You can have fun dating men, or even falling in love with them, but you can’t let them determine your self-worth. True femme fatales know that no one can get rid of the power they do posses. True femme fatales have a healthy dose of confidence. Work on loving the person who you are and accepting the things you can’t change about yourself. If you’re uncertain about whom you are, then it’ll be easier for a man to get you down. If a guy hurt your feelings, take some time to let your emotions out, talk about it to a friend, and then work on moving on. Don’t be in denial about how you feel and let it keep you from fully recovering. Once you deal with your feelings, you can kick those feelings of pain and inadequacy to the curb.

It is okay to follow a few of the tips, but don't go overboard. Have an air of charm about you. It's not enough to just be withdrawn, quiet and therefore "mysterious". Mysterious human beings are also very interesting they might know meaningful, famous quotes; speaking sultry, and a touch of aloofness; never being direct, desperate, or obnoxiously immature; you have a brain & you're going to need to use it now; and always be classy. Never be obnoxious to downright trashy. Mysterious people don't stand for all that fake and commercial behaviour. Carry yourself at all times with elegance and poise.

Don't be mean! Be femme (lady) without being literally fatale. So be wise as to who you accept advice from. If you'd truly like to become a femme fatale, you should have a mind of your own, and develop your own ideas of what a fatal woman is. If you need a bit of guidance, observe footage of women from the 1920's - 1940’s, they knew what it was to be stylish and (all) woman. Not all of them were oppressed housewives who hid behind their husbands. Do not be an "available" girl. A femme (lady) is always classy.

What you’ll need: Eye catching classy clothing and accessories, a mysterious allure, a cool voice, a unique, memorable perfume, a withering stare and intelligence.

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